Dr. Colin Mihalik Dental Profile!

Dr. Colin Mihalik is a Board-Certified Orthodontist serving Corpus Christi with the highly experienced and friendly staff at CC Braces. His mission in the US Air Force was to provide the best orthodontic treatment for our military families around the world. His new mission for the children and adults of Corpus Christi is to provide the best orthodontic care at a great value.

Dr. Mihalik loves seeing the excitement when he presents personalized treatment plans to patients, and of course, when he delivers their brilliant smiles on time! One of his top priorities is punctuality. He stresses seeing patients on time at every appointment and staying on top of each and every treatment schedule.

He employs the latest orthodontic technologies and cutting-edge equipment to diagnose and plan personalized treatments.

As a Board-Certified Orthodontist in Corpus Christi, his vast knowledge in orthodontics enables him to create the best treatment options. However, the heart of his practice is the welcoming and caring atmosphere at CC Braces. “CC Braces is more than just treating patients to transform their smiles.” he says, “Caring for patients like family is my goal!”

Dr. Mihalik hand-picked a team of skilled Registered Dental Assistants to provide the best orthodontic care.

From monitoring young patients’ growth to treating teens and adults, his goal is to deliver exceptional quality and an incredible orthodontic experience for all his patients. The safety of our patients and staff is Dr. Mihalik’s number one priority. While he keeps the office protocol up-to-date with the safety measures set by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, CC Braces appreciates their patients for following guidelines through COVID-19 with understanding, patience, and cooperation. Dr. Mihalik is excited to make CC Braces the “GOTO” orthodontic office in Corpus Christi! Please visit www. ccbraces.com to learn more.

Dr. Colin Mihalik Dental Profile!

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