Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dr. Colin Mihalik along with his experienced team recognize that each patient is unique with their own individual and specfic orthodontic needs. As a team, we are committed to providing our patients with orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs while creating a memorable experience in our office. We welcome you and your family to our orthodontic practice and look forward to our opportunity to serve you.

Treatment Coordinator

Meet Our Team


Christy Mata is our Treatment Coordinator and has worked in Orthodontics since 2005. Christy has worked Chairside, marketing, front office, office management but she enjoys every bit as a treatment coordinator. Christy is our social butterfly, full of energy and loves to meet and greet everyone in our office with a welcoming smile.

“Coming to work everyday knowing we will make a positive impact on someone’s life is the best feeling ever. I love my patients and enjoy being a part of their beautiful journey”

Front Office

Meet Our Team


Office Manager
Kim is the behind the scenes expert that makes our office run. She helps in all areas of the office but her main function is the human resources individual and also the go to person for all supplies, IT issues and general maintenance of our office. She has been married to Dr. Mihalik since 1990 when they met as Officers in 1986 in the US Military.

“Helping in whatever way I can to support our staff and patients have the most postive and upbeat experiences is my daily goal”

Meet Our Team


Appointment Coordinator
Ida is our Appointment Coordinator, and worked in an orthodontic office since 2007. She is happy to greet and assist patients as they enter our office. Whether the patients need help checking in, scheduling, or take care of their accounts, she has the experience and training to resolve any issues or concerns. She manages the flow of patients while keeping a welcoming atmosphere for our patients throughout the clinic.

“I’m happy to be the first person to welcome our patients into our office and the last person see their happy faces, making sure their appointments went well.”

Meet Our Team


Insurance Coordinator, RDA
Beth has been an orthodontic assistant since 1986. In addition to being an experienced chairside assistant, she assists with front office duties, verifies insurance, and works in the lab. She is eager to help provide the best care to our patients. Beth relocated to Corpus Christi and enjoys her time on the beach. She also loves to travel and visit her son and grandkids in LA.

“It makes me happy inside to help patients and parents along their journey to achieve a confident smile and have a positive experience along the way.”

Meet Our Team


Radiologic Technologist – Registered Dental Assistant
Yvette Otto is a radiologic technologist and a Registered Dental Assistant. She began her career in orthodontics in 1995. Yvette greets our new patients on their first visit with a smile and puts them at ease while taking photos and X-rays for diagnosis and treatment planning. Her personal goal is for all of our patients to have a great first experience in our office – from start to finish!

“My personal goal for every patient is to receive excellent, quality care and personal attention at each visit, resulting in an excellent orthodontic experience.”

Clinical Team

Meet Our Team


Registered Dental Assistant
Arlene became an RDA in 2018. She is a California native. She is happy to have started her Orthodontic career in Corpus Christi, and patient care is always her top priority.

“I love that I get to be a part of the process to improve smiles. Our patients are the heart of our practice, and I enjoy seeing their progress at each and every visit.”

Meet Our Team


Hazel was born and raised in Seattle WA, but is super happy to call Corpus Christi her home now. She truly loves that she plays a huge part in delivering great looking smiles to all our patients. Patient satisfaction is her top priority! Hazel loves going to the beach, spending time with her fur baby and her soon-to-be husband.

“Nothing brings me more joy than seeing patients’ reactions to their new smiles, especially knowing I contributed in the process.”

Meet Our Team


Registered Dental Assistant
Randi has been an orthodontic assistant since 2007. She loves greeting her patients along with their family and making them feel comfortable at each appointment. Randi loves spending time with her husband and 4 children and watching her boys play sports.

“I enjoy being involved in the process of straightening patients’ teeth and watching their self confidence grow.”

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