No More Gooey Impressions

New tech brings ultimate patient comfort at CC Braces By: Casey Mihalik

No More Gooey Impressions

Most orthodontic patients have been there: stuck waiting with that uncomfortable putty tray in your mouth for the impression to set. It’s cold, gooey and sometimes runny, and every now and then, it makes you gag. At CC Braces, this will soon be a thing of the past!

Dr. Mihalik is always committed to bringing his patients the utmost in comfort, often relying on cutting-edge technology to ensure your best possible experience. By using his iTero Element and a brand-new SprintRay-Pro 3-D printer, Dr. Mihalik will be able to scan your mouth and print a model of your teeth with ease – all without those goopy impression materials.

The iTero Element is a digital scanner that replaces messy, unpleasant and sometimes inaccurate putty impressions. The iTero Element does more than just save patients time and mess – it also is a significantly more comfortable experience. With a few simple passes of the slim wand, iTero Element is able to capture an accurate 3-D image of your teeth and bite in just a couple of minutes. This technology eliminates the risk of less-than-perfect impressions that will need to be taken again in a way that patients are sure to love.

Once the iTero Element has completed the scan, the image will be adjusted and sent to the SprintRay Pro 3-D printer, one of the fastest and most accurate 3-D printers on the market. In just a few short minutes, the printer will produce an exact resin duplicate of your teeth and bite, ready to be used to create any orthodontic appliance or retainer. These scans and models can even be used to chart a personalized, precise clear aligner treatment!

At CC Braces, our foremost concern is the experience of the patients that we adore. Want to learn more about the cutting-edge technology coming soon to CC Braces? Visit us online at, or call 361-992-4746 for more information.

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