One Year Down!


As it celebrates its one-year anniversary, local orthodontics office CC Braces shares reflections and values. By: Casey Mihalik

One Year Down!

Walk into CC Braces, and for a moment you may mistake it for your own living room. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, you’re greeted by name, and you can help yourself to a water bottle or the coffee maker. Nestled in The Enclave off of South Staples in Corpus Christi, the office of CC Braces is proud to offer braces and Invisalign for children and adults (for the same price!)- all while doing everything they can to make their patients feel like family. Behind the cheery environment, however, you’ll find an orthodontic office armed to the teeth with the latest technological equipment, from 3D Conebeam technology to the revolutionary Itero digital scanner. Dr. Colin Mihalik, orthodontist and owner of CC Braces, has a simple reason for this. “Our patients know how much we value them and do everything we can to make their experience comfortable. They also know that, when they come here, they have the height of research and technology focused on getting them their best smile as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Mihalik served in the United States Air Force for 24 years, where he rose through the ranks to eventually become the Chief Orthodontist at two bases as well as a clinical instructor. In 2005, he became an ABO board certified orthodontist, an achievement completed by less than 30% of practicing orthodontists. Although becoming board certified was difficult and strenuous work, Dr. Mihalik has always been determined to bring his patients the best care. When he retired from the military, Dr. Mihalik moved to Corpus Christi with his wife, Kim. “I just wanted to find the perfect place to settle down and practice orthodontics.” Dr. Colin Mihalik explains. “I fell in love with Corpus Christi and I knew this is where I was supposed to be.” It wasn’t long before he found his dream practice, Ingraham Smiles Orthodontics. After working with Dr. Ingraham for months to ensure the transition was as seamless as possible for both staff and patients, Dr. Mihalik finally became the proud owner of his own Orthodontics practice on February 1st, 2018. “It was just a dream come true,” said the doctor, “I couldn’t wait to start building relationships and connections in the community.”

At CC Braces, the team of dedicated staff is focused completely on the needs and best interests of the patients- and it shows. The office continually improves equipment, supplies, and décor, and Dr. Mihalik attends regular educational conferences to stay on the edge of orthodontic technology. The patient-centered service philosophy is also clear the variety of different, exclusive services he offers. For example, CC Braces realized how difficult it can be to keep track of a retainer, and responded by becoming the only Corpus Christi provider to scan for Retainer Club, an affordable subscription company. They also offer a dedicated office team that works for you to find and contact insurance companies, determine coverage for orthodontic treatments, and even obtain payments. Dr. Mihalik is especially outspoken about his Incredible Kids Club, his program for young children who become patients. Because of the importance of a child’s initial, early orthodontic checkup, CC Braces decided that each child is entitled to a free-of-charge observation phase. This includes consultations and follow-up checks (as well as a spin on the prize wheel each visit!) until they are determined to be “treatment-ready”, but even then Dr. Mihalik makes sure parents know it’s a no-pressure sale. “We don’t ever want to prematurely start treatment if we don’t need to, but it’s important to monitor skeletal and dental development so we can make informed decisions and head off any issues before they start.”

CC Braces may have only officially joined the community a year ago but, to Dr. Mihalik, it feels like much longer. “After so many years of constantly moving with the military, I’m grateful to finally have a practice of my own and a city to call home. I try to pay it forward to my patients by doing everything I can to make CC Braces feel like family to everyone who comes to visit us. It’s been such a warm welcome from our patients, and we wouldn’t be able to provide such a high level of service without our incredible team.” With one year down, CC Braces is confident and ready to move into the future- creating beautiful SMILES, with a smile.

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