In many cases, retainers will need to be worn only at night. Your wear instructions will depend on the relationship of your teeth and the tendency to relapse. We’ll make this determination at the appropriate time during your treatment, and we urge you to follow our instructions carefully.

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Retainers, just like braces and teeth, tend to attract plaque and food particles. When you remove them, brush them carefully with your toothbrush, hand soap as directed. Keeping your retainers clean will make them taste better and will help keep your breath sweet and fresh.

When you’re not wearing your retainers, store them in the case that was provided. (It’s not necessary to keep a retainer moist.) Your retainers and their case don’t mix well with heat. Never use hot water to clean your retainers, and never put them or the case in direct sunlight. Never wrap them in a tissue, where you might forget and throw them away. Never leave them where your dog can get them. Dogs love the smell of retainers and will chew them up. Don’t chew on the retainer yourself. If you chew on your retainer, you will damage the fit, and it will have to be remade.

If you lose or damage your retainers, they will have to be replaced.

If your retainers don’t fit correctly or you’re unable to wear them for any reason, call our office immediately. Failing to wear your retainer for even a small amount of time may require a new retainer or re-banding of the teeth at an additional cost.

Keep your retainer appointments! These short checks of your retainers and teeth are important. Bring your retainers to all appointments.

Following treatment, schedule a post-treatment cleaning and checkup with your dentist.

We would like for you to think of your retainers as insurance for your new smile! Take proper care of them, and follow our instructions so that your new smile will stay straight and healthy!