Meet Our Team

Our doctor along with his experienced team recognize that each patient is unique with their own individual and specfic orthodontic needs. As a team, we are committed to providing our patients with orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs while creating a memorable, experience in our office. We welcome you and your family to our orthodontic practice and look forward to our opportunity to serve you. 


Treatment Coordinators

Valerie Chiles

Registered Dental Hygienist and Treatment Coordinator

Valerie Chiles is our administrative supervisor and treatment coordinator. She received a degree in dental hygiene from Baylor Dental College and worked as a hygienist for 12 years prior to joining CC Braces in 1984. As a treatment coordinator, her dental knowledge and experience provides new patients with a clear understanding of the benefits of orthodontics to their overall dental health.  She has continued on with CC Braces with her 34 years of experience in this office. 

“As a treatment coordinator, I care about helping new patients feel comfortable and confident about their decision to pursue orthodontic treatment.”

Jennifer Saski

Treatment Coordinator

Jennifer Saski is a treatment coordinator and joined our office in 2011. She is a native of Rockport and was a patient of our's as a young adult. Jennifer is a Registered Dental Assistant with 25 years of experience in dentistry and orthodontics. She states the most rewarding aspect of her job is meeting new people every day and helping them achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

“I love explaining my experience as an orthodontic patient firsthand to our orthodontic patients. Helping people make positive changes in their smile and improve self-esteem is rewarding as a treatment coordinator.”

Front Office

Nori Colton

Appointment Coordinator and Clinical Assistant

Nori Colton is our Appointment Coordinator, and joined our office in 2008. Nori is a Registered Dental Assistant with over 30 years experience in dentistry. She takes exceptional pride in helping to create a welcoming atmosphere as you enter our practice. Her knowledge, experience and understanding of orthodontics is crucial in accurately scheduling patients appointments. 

“I enjoy meeting new patients and seeing their “Joy” when they see their beautiful smile.”


Janet Crosson

Marketing and Public Relations

Janet has been  in orthodontics for 20 years. She has served in many positions in our practice over the years. Janet’s warm, friendly, personality makes our patients feel right at home. Janet’s knowledge and experience in our office along with her computer skills contributes to our patients receiving 5-star service. She enjoys creating a fun atmosphere for patients through Marketing and Public Relations.

“I love working in orthodontics, I enjoy the energy and fun we have in giving our wonderful patients 5-star service with a SMILE!"


Yvette Otto

Radiologic Technologist - Registered Dental Assistant

Yvette Otto is a radiologic technologist and a Registered Dental Assistant. She began her career in orthodontics in 1995 and joined our orthodontic team in 2011. Yvette greets our new patients on their first visit with a smile and puts them as ease while taking photos of their teeth as well as digital film for diagnosis and treatment planning. She enjoys helping new patients, and her personal goal is for all of our patients to have a great first experience in our office – from start to finish!

“My personal goal for every patient is to receive excellent, quality care and personal attention at each visit, resulting in an excellent orthodontic result.”


Casey Mihalik

Marketing Manager

Casey enjoys the opportunity to work on social media and PR to create a friendly, caring environment where excellence in orthodontics is our team goal. 

“As Dad’s number one fan, I enjoy maintaining our online presence and making sure that our patients know we care to hear their voice!" 


Ashley Villegas

Front Office

Ashley, our appointment coordinator, joined our team in 2018 after working in the Orthodontic field for two years.  

“My favorite part about working here is seeing the happy faces of the patients as they embrace their new smiles!"

Clinical Team

Tina Drake

Clinical and Laboratory Supervisor

Tina Drake is a clinical/laboratory supervisor and began her career in 1973. She joined this office in 1980. She is an expert in the orthodontic laboratory as well as working with our patients in the orthodontic clinic. Her goals are patient-centered with a commitment to excellence. Whether she’s instructing a patient about their treatment process, oral hygiene, or fabricating an appliance in the laboratory, her knowledge and professionalism provide every patient with quality care and treatment. At this time in her career, she is treating former patients’ children!

“I believe the profession of orthodontics allows people to make changes in their appearance and self-esteem. I like knowing I am a part of a positive experience in people’s lives.”

Atyel Salazar

Registered Dental Assistant/Certified Orthodontic Assistant

"Addie" is a Registered Dental Assistant, and is also a Nationally Certified Orthodontic Assistant. Addie has worked as a professional in orthodontics since 2007. She has previously held the position of Treatment Coordinator as well as an Orthodontic Assistant. Her vast knowledge in the field, as well as being fluent in Spanish, makes her a valuable member of our orthodontic team.

“It is a joy to be a part of transforming lives one smile at a time!”

Amanda Pena

Registered Dental Assistant

Amanda Pena is a Registered Dental Assistant and earned her Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Del Mar College. Joining our team in 2014, Amanda works closely with Dr. Mihalik as an orthodontic assistant, as well as in the laboratory preparing indirect bonding trays for our patients prior to placing their braces. Amanda’s warm, caring smile and professionalism support our patients and our team.

“I am fortunate to work with a team of dedicated professionals. My position allows me to utilize my skills and training to help create beautiful smiles!”

Maegan Gonzales

Registered Dental Assistant

Maegan is a Registered Dental Assistant and assists Dr. Mihalik in the orthodontic clinic. Maegan joined our office in 2017 and has been working in dentistry and orthodontics since 2012. 

“My favorite part of my position as an orthodontic clinic assistant is getting to know our patients and developing great relationships with them throughout their orthodontic journey. I love seeing the end result - a Beautiful Smile!”

Maredith Combs

Registered Dental Assistant

Maredith Combs is a Registered Dental Assistant with over 17 years of experience in orthodontics. She joined our team in 2007. Maredith works closely with Dr. Mihalik and the entire team to provide quality care at every patient visit. Maredith believes building personal relationships with our patients and getting to know them as individuals are important parts of a successful treatment process.

“I enjoy providing a level of care and service to our patients that exceeds their expectations!”

Sue Gonzalez

Registered Dental Hygienist

Sue is a Registered Dental Hygienist, and has worked as a professional in orthodontics since 1994. Sue works with our orthodontic patients when they are having their braces removed and combines her knowledge as a hygienist to encourage every patient to maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine.

“I love being a Dental Hygienist in an orthodontic practice; it is a blessing when a career and a passion come together. I love what I do.”


Deandra Lopez

Registered Dental Assistant

Deandra became an RDA in 2011.  She worked in general dentistry for 3 years before becoming an Orthodontic assistant.

“I love interacting and meeting new people, and a HUGE thanks to the ortho field for allowing me to do so while helping patients become more confident with their smiles."


Meg Peeler

Registered Dental Assistant

Megan joined our team in 2018 after more than 5 years working in the Orthodontics field. She recieved her training at the South Texas Vo-Tech and Del Mar College.

“Being apart of changing someone's life is very rewardng for me.  If I go home feeling like I have helped someone smile a little more, I have done my job and accomplished something so personally fulfilling"


Katherine Perales

Registered Dental Assistant

Katherine became a registered dental assistant in 2010 and has been in the orthodontics field for 8 years.

“I love my job, helping patients achieve the smile they want is so rewarding."

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